Sir Simon Rattle

"What the 12 Cellists do is simply marvelous."

Federal President Johannes Rau

"I wish that you continue to be the wonderful musicians you already are. You are ambassadors for Germany wherever you perform, and you are now in your prime. Ad multos annos!"
(from a birthday letter from the Federal President Johannes Rau to the 12 Cellists, 2002)

Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker

"Dearest 12 Cellists,
If music is nourishment for life, then we might well exist from your art. And yet we remain insatiably eager to hear you play again in that instrumental grouping of which you are the original creators, a form which, with your unique qualities, you have propelled to world-wide splendor. You are not only wonderful musicians, you have been and remain the most impressive ambassadors, representing Germany throughout the world. Warmest greetings, Richard von Weizsäcker"
(from a birthday letter of 29th September 1992)

Claudio Abbado

"I have always admired them for their unique ensemble."

Herbert von Karajan

"These 12 are authentic virtuosos of their instrument."